Sinta Margot Spector’s Resume recent article, about Sinta Spector can be found in the Bethesda Magazine 2018.



LLC Certification for Nomadixx.LLC 2018. ( Maryland, USA).

M.F.A 2009 Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg, South Africa, Masters in Fine Arts.

One year fashion education from (London School of Fashion), in South Africa. 2003.

Shell Live Wire Business course certification, for businessdevelopment 2003( South Africa).

B.F.A 2002 Corcoran Museum, Corcoran College of Art and Design ( George Washington University).

GPA 3.0 . Received a Scholarship for the Corcoran Degree. Won an Award for art and music collaboration in Tokyo Japan in 1998. An article of a show done in South Africa can be found at the Smithsonian museum of African Art, library.  A few of Sinta’s knitted wearable art pieces, were places in the True Love magazine 2011, in South Africa, modeled on one of South Africa’s Pop Idol’s Female Judges, who judges the South Africa singing TV competition. Three Songs Sinta produced, were used on the show, Big Brother Africa, as background music.


To continue development in Project and Events Management, with skills in a number of different fields such as music production, music shows, fashion consulting and designing clothing, curation, photography, mixed media projects, filming, editing, and much more.

Work Experience During Covid 19 2020 | 03/2020 – Present.

Created Gigs on Fiverr, accessible worldwide Sept 2021 – present.

Poshmark Ambassador at present

Work Experience (During Covid 19 2020) self-employed, online with  (Nomadixx.LLC), a company Sinta Spector registered and put together, with a number of different angles, from music, art, fashion, production and more.

Audio  version that Sinta composed, produced and narrated the Audio version of the book, can be sent through email, but will be added into a link shortly. A Youtube version can be found on youtube, as Coco the Silver Somali growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, By Sinta Spector.

  • Presently designing, creating and implementing art and photography onto the T-shirts, marketed under the Brand:  Sinta Margot.  All done and put together by Sinta Margot Spector, on Amazon Merch T-shirts: Link to the page:
  • Styling private clients hair, bleaching, cutting and coloring when asked, from Sinta’s, personal space. Here is a link to how Sinta has been doing her own hair.
  • Personalized, facemasks, sewn, designed and created by Sinta Margot, and sold to clients, privately. Utilizing as the platform for selling items, at the moment. ( Poshmark Ambassador and a 5 star seller at the moment on the platform.
  • Private Music classes, for piano, music production, and vocals , to follow through with the former job before Covid 19 2020, online music classes with personal music equipment and materials. Zoom, gmail hangout, and Facetime classes, with students at present. A link to a former show with private music students, located in her complex. Sinta used her LLC, as the platform for this vision.

Work Experience

  • Bach to Rock | Bethesda Maryland March 2018- to 03/15/2020

Music instructor for,  piano, vocal, music production instructor,  some drumming, music software basic training on garage band and Logic pro X on her personal equipment. Performed shows with students, set up events as a collective with the school, promoting the school outside of the music environment and more.  ( Not a full time job).

  • Plaza Art Rockville | MarylandNov  2017- Feb 2018

Art instructor and sales staff at Plaza Artists and Materials.  Packed, organized and stocked store, worked the register, and taught classes.

(Full time position).

  • The Guitar Center | Rockville MarylandMarch 2013-  Nov 2017

Teaching piano, and vocals. Students learnt classical, jazz and pop music, along with reading and music theory.  Prepared students for live shows, located spaces for shows outside of Guitar Center, set up shows for students and filmed events. Created the instructors’ board, with each person’s details, and took the photographs, of each person. Produced a GC instructor’s book, for the Instructors’ department.  Students from Guitar Center Sinta taught, have performed in front of artists such as Alicia Keys, and on stage of, America Got Talent, and more.   ( Not a full time job, however did grow as the projects developed).

  • Nomadixx.LLC       January 2009 to Present.

Built up a home recording studio, which is fully functional and user friendly.  This is the starting point, for a vision that will happen over time.  Sinta Spector started off as an NPO in South Africa, and recently switched it into an American LLC, which began dealing with a number of subjects within the arts, including  music, fashion, fine arts, graphic design, and much more. One can find all of Sinta’s portfolio on the site, Sinta has created. This is Sinta’s portfolio started with her, travels, her Corcoran final Exhibition in 2002, and her Masters in Fine arts, in South Africa, and much more.

  • The Wardrobe | Johannesburg, SA.   January 2010 – January 2011

Sinta Margot Spector, designedgarments,  sold in the couture house, which was called “The Wardrobe”, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Those garments Sinta placed in the couture house, were used for a number of things, such as photoshoots, for magazines, while others were sold.

  • Opera Afrika | Johannesburg, SAMarch 2007 – November 2007

Office assistant, dealing with phone calls, ticket orders, Time table sheets, word documents, printing and more. This was all behind the scene of the Opera House and what goes on behind the music side of the shows.

  • Liquid Grooves Recording Studio | Johannesburg, SA. April 2006-  January 2007

Was an apprentice, assistant in Barry Deans, recording studio in South Africa,  in which Sinta assisted music compositions, for piano parts. Learned a bit about Logic Pro X which Barry used in the studio for production, and more.

  • American Consulate| Johannesburg, S.A. May 2003 – August 2003

The job entailed careful prechecks of full file of relevant documents submitted by applicants for USA Visas. Assisted with various other administrative duties.

  • Life Guarding for the USA Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.             May 2000 – August 2000

Sinta was a lifeguard for the USA Embassy in Tokyo, Japan for the American compound in Roppongi Dori, where the USA compound in located. She was trained by the USA Embassy as a lifeguard, passed her two exams and followed through with lifeguarding as Summer hire for that year, with a few other people.

  • Jurgen Lehl Fashion designer | Tokyo, Japan.May 1999 – August 1999

As a student Apprentice, Sinta implemented a visual dictionary of hundreds of fabrics for the company.  In this work, Sinta developed insights into how the fashion company owned by Jurgen Lehl, a German designer living in Tokyo, Japan, was managed.  Work also included, an introduction what the whole building  and what each room entailed,  with different projects, for different situations within the company.  Sinta learnt a lot  about the fashion industry, from this experience.

  • American Embassy | Tokyo, Japan.May 1998 – August 1998

Performed general duties such as photocopying, faxing, mailing, filing and answering telephones. Met clients and visitors, researched, priced, and purchased office furniture and supplies.  Helped set up and coordinated meetings and conferences, maintained and distributed staff weekly schedules.

Exhibition and Curatorial Experience

  • Assisted Evan J. Parker III, for his show March  2019. ( The show was up for a week).

Sinta assisted setting up and taking down Evan J. Parker’s, work for a  show , located in Artists and Makers, in Rockville Maryland.

  • David April, Dance Choreographer, dance project within William Kentrage, new artproject space, Johannesburg, South Africa.Nov 2018. (This show is still touring around throughout South Africa presently.)

This project took place in a space William Kentrage put together, for new and up and coming mainly performing, movement artists.  Sinta’s hand knitted leather garment is being used for a number of shows with David April. Sinta donated, the knitted piece of work, to the dance company.

  • Nomadixx Music performance and the Promenade, Bethesda MD, USA March 2018. (This was a day show, where Sinta rented out the community center of the complex for this project).

Sinta, brought, fine artists, and musicians, adults and children together for this project within a space, Sinta had chosen for this event.  It lasted only a few hours, however with planning projects as one would know, takes a few months to bring together a show together in any field. The show in discussion, is located at the lower end of the page on the site.

  • Nomadixx,” Art Space exhibition | Johannesburg, SA      September 2009 ( A 2 week Exhibition display.)

Developed a range of wearable art jackets for the show, at the Artspace.  This show landed up in the Africa Art section of the Smithsonian Library. The vision then, led into clothing being placed in a fashion couture house, “The Wardrope”, in which some pieces were photographed for the True Love Magazine in South Africa.  One can find the pictures of this show in Sinta’s personal site.

  • Hooked on Classics Ballet Theatre Afrikaan | Johannesburg, SA       May 2006 ( A one day show with models and music).

Sinta Spector, was commissioned to organize a fashion show prior to the ballet performance of a season, for Ballet Theatre Afrikaan, at the University of Johannesburg.   Organized the Fashion Show, managed an overall schedule, set up the sound and computer for the music, created, some music performed. Sourced models, photographers, designers, jewelers, among other tasks.

  • “Balanced on the Cusp of Identity”, Venue, The Goethe – Institute | Johannesburg,SA        Sept 2005 ( a two week show, this was one part of the Masters examination for the subject one write about).

Masters in Fine Arts Exhibition. Included personal music compositions, filmed a documentary, managed the installation space, documented the performance, and set up the created art work constructed for the topic of the Masters In Fine Arts thesis document. The Goethe Institute now holds regular Jazz shows.  One can find the music of the show, on Sinta’s Soundcloud.

  • “Critical Thinking” The Corcoran College of Art and Design | Washington D.C / U.S.A.  March 2002 ( A one week Final group show for the final exam for the BFA.)

Established the layout for using the Corcoran’s Hemicycle gallery space. The topic picked for the show was for 9/11, which occurred shortly before the show was installed. Created garments that incorporated, the black dresses and head wraps used by many women in Muslim cultures. The dresses were hung from the ceiling. Sinta did a self-portrait in an oil painting, a 6 foot tall, screen, in the center of the gallery space, floor. Pictures of this show can be found in Sinta’s personal Site.

Music performance over the years.

1) The Marriot in Bethesda Maryland, 2020.

2) Performed with Students at the Strathmore in Rockville, 2019. During the time of teaching with Bach to Rock, Bethesda.

3) Dawson’s Market in Rockville with Guitar Center Staff, as Guitar Center Staff, 2019

4) Sinta worked, for a few private clients with her personal music production equipment, 2019.

5) A show set up by Sinta’s LLC, at the Promenade, Bethesda MD, 2018

6) Plaza Artists and Material and Picture Framing, in Rockville, MD 2017.

7) Guitar Centers in Rockville with setting up shows as staff for students, where instructors performed together, with students, 2017.

8) A number of gallery spaces in South Africa, as a freelance musicians for gigs and performances, 2003 -2010

9) A small open gig at the Corcoran where Sinta studied her degree in Fine arts, 1999.

10) Sinta was the Jazz choir pianist for the American International School, in Tokyo Japan, where she was a student and graduated from there in Tokyo Japan, 1998.


Music Education background.

Studied music in 5 different countries, with three different methods.  Japan, with the Suziki Method, South Africa with formal English and European Methods, using Solfege and musical notes, which is also taught, in the USA. Sinta is classically trained froma very young age, studied Jazz at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, in their private after school classes,  Private music education her whole, life.  Her mother is also a music teacher, therefore music was a must in the house from day one.  Sinta Studied music at Pyle middle school in Bethesda MD, and Walt Whitman high school. She studied drums, piano, voice, flute and some violin many years back.