Private Music classes with Sinta Margot Spector

If any recording is required Sinta does charge $80 an hour for this process, from her home studio.  She has set the space up for this purpose carefully with her fiancé, Brandon Tea, who works for CBS news, and does the professional studios at CBS News and radio, spaces from scratch.  The cost of formal recording studios change $100, and above this normally, per hour.

Sinta is also able to develop start up sites for students who want to build up a portfolio using Wix, WordPress, Soundcloud and Reverbnation.  Sinta also has professional website developers if people want to take it ever farther.

Sinta now offers recitals she is able to put together right in the location she is living in at present, at the Promenade, in Bethesda Maryland.  The last clip below is the most recent show she put together for her private students.

Song sung by Sinta’s former student from Guitar Center and private classes. Sinta tried very hard to focus on what students want to do rather that what parents, and music classes usually request. She strongly believes, music is only fun if it leads the students in the direction they envision.


 This very talented student, has been continuing her classes with Sinta, since Sinta has switched jobs, from Guitar Center Rockville since 2017, to Bach to Rock at present.  This is one of Sinta’s private student, at present.