About Sinta Margot Spector, and Nomadixx


Sinta with her sister Maya in Japan, and South Africa.


The name Sinta is derived originally from the Hindu name Sita, from the ancient mythology of the Ramayana, from India.  Sinta is the name rewritten for the Indonesian translation of the same name, meaning the daughter of the earth goddess, Bhumi and the adopted daughter of King Janaka of Videha and his wife, Queen Sunna.  Sita  in the end marries the Prince and hero of the story, Rama. The Ramayana goes farther back than Greek Mythology.  Sinta was born in Singapore, and lived 3 years of her very young life in Indonesian.  Margot the second name her parents gave her, is French, where her great grandmothers, grandmother and her aunt from her mother’s side, carried the same name.  The prima ballerina Margot Fonteyn  was her mother’s inspiration for the name Margot.  Her father’s mother, was hoping, with this unusual name, she would one day become a fashion designer. As for Spector, the name is originally a Russian name from her father’s side, which was once Spectorovitch, most likely changed when her Jewish- Russian, family escaped the Holocaust, from the Germans.

As for Nomadixx, Nomadixx derives from Nomad, which describes almost everyone on this planet, for we all have come from all parts of the world, and live a nomadic lifestyle. Nomadixx is the modern context of nomad as travelers.  Sinta came up with the name in 2003 when she was in the process of researching her family  background, for her Masters in Fine arts written thesis, and research.  Nomadixx just like its name offers a verity of skills Sinta has accumulated over the years.  Music, in the genera, of production, music composition, piano, and vocal.  In art, skills such as painting, and graphic design, have has been a tool for expression to use in gallery spaces. Interior decor is another one of Sinta’s passions.  Last but not least, Wearable art ( fashion) and photography, have been used to set up her personal portfolio, and to assist others with their own personal portfolio.

Sinta Margot Spector, came from a diplomatic family, and grew up in five different countries around the world, along with studying, at a number of different schools, during her lifetime. Japan was one of the countries Sinta and her family lived in, among others. She graduated with her Degree in Fine Arts from the Corcoran Museum, Corcoran College of Art and Design, in Washington DC, in 2002. Sinta then studied her Masters in Fine Arts at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sinta just recently moved back to the United States, after living in Johannesburg, South Africa for 15 years. Sinta was last in The United States for her education at the Corcoran Museum, Corcoran College of Art and Design, around 2002. During the time of be being back in the United States, Sinta has been teaching piano, vocals, and developing music performances with students, at Guitar Center, in Rockville, Maryland.

Through her art exhibitions over the years, Sinta has incorporated all her various skills, from  Wearable art (fashion), music, photography and painting, into one exhibit. The show, during the time at the Corcoran in, 2002 at the Corcoran hemicycle, incorporated, all three of these skills. The Masters exhibition incorporated all three skills as well, but on a larger scale. Spector is now following through with new pieces, evolved from the art works she had done in past shows, for a newer, contextual vision.

A bit of information can also be found on Sinta in this article written up about Blanka Straford.

CHS grad reflects on military career under DADT


Above, is a composition, Sinta had worked on for a while and finally sang the piece in front of an audience at the Student recital. This song was composed by Sinta during her  Masters in Fine Arts Exhibition she had performed in 2004.  That footage was lost but the sound engineer managed to record the live show, which one can find on another page of this site.

Sinta has been composing from the age of 6 starting this journey of music in Japan, where she first started learning music from a very young age of 3 years old.



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