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A picture of a show, during Sinta’s High school years in the USA, when she did a bit of drumming.


With her studies in music and receiving her Degree in Fine Arts,  Sinta Margot Spector  has started, a small business, called Nomadixx, which was originally registered in South Africa in 2012. Sinta got her degree in Fine Arts, from The Corcoran College of Art and Design/ Corcoran Gallery, George Washington University, in 2002.  She then moved to South Africa where she had done a verity of exhibitions, with music performances. For her Masters in Fine Art exhibition, Sinta created a space where musicians, art work, video, and photography, were molding into one show. Before her Masters, Sinta took a one years course at the London school of Fashion, in Johannesburg, South Africa, which was not the first time she developed garments construction.  Found in the pictures below Sinta was using textiles in her Art degree, during the years of being at the Corcoran.  Before the Corcoran, Sinta had the privilege of apprenticed for a German designer in Tokyo Japan, named Jurgen Lehl.




Masters in Fine Arts Exhibition 2004. Balanced on the cusp of identity.IMG_0405.jpg




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Don Mattera world famous South African Poet and writer




Small music performance in Gaithersburg Maryland, with music instructor Joel from Guitar Center. 2015.


Sinta charges $100.00 to rent herself out to perform live shows, $200.00 for 2 hours and so on..  Since has her own equipment which has can set up for  band if a band is needed.  She will sort out a drum set shortly, and has started playing drums again.

Sinta has mainly focused, over the years on piano, some vocals, and has worked with a variety of musicians, and artists in South Africa and the United States.   Mainly self taught in music production, and with a good education over the years in both Piano, vocals, a bit of fluid, percussion, and Fine Arts.  These skills come together to develop a larger picture, and a visual understanding of how to put together a CD, Live shows, and events.  The Piano is a very important instrument, that has allowed many decades of composers to develop the world of music.   The computer is just another way of composing, thus allowing people on the masses to become their own entity,  now more than ever.   Sinta believes that music and art, are very closely connected, for both are needed to  produce products, that can be sold to the public.

Nomadixx is a business, Sinta Margot Spector started with a number of things in mind……..

  1. To teach people who are interested in music.
  2. To develop a studio Sinta can help others start an album, create album covers using photoshop and photography skills.
  3. To create clothing of wearable art for creative music performers.
  4. To use art created to manifest stage set up for others and build stages, eventually, with the skills Sinta had learnt, and studied, through her Art Degree.

Some demo tracks can be found on

Nomadixx will also help build up Wix, WordPress, Soundcloud and reverb- nation sites for Students who would like to take their music to the next level.

Sinta has been teaching music at Guitar Center for the past 3 and a half years in Rockville Maryland USA.  13438986_10153674669098365_7447825403460637604_n

Sinta Spector teaches, Piano, Vocals and Music production Classes 

1. Sinta charges $60.00 an hour for music classes in Vocals and Piano.  30 minutes is suited better for young students. Sinta has set up her space to teach music with the right equipment.  Piano students should have their own keyboards.  The preferable size is an 88 keyboard. Sinta has mic in her space along with equipment for record the classes, if people require this.

2. Music production, Sinta charges less than most  recording studios charge with are $100.00 and up an hour, for studio time. Sinta charges $80.00 an hour, for developing a whole package which includes, photography, graphic design, cd production.  Sinta sends tracks out to other people who will charge separately for mixing and Mastering tracks each.

3. Wearable art (fashion) orders can be taken, and designs can be done based off of what clients would like. The clothing would mainly be more suitable for stage purposes. Sinta required 50% up front for work, since she sews the pieces, and orders the fabric, on her own at the moment.  When business grows, Sinta will be hiring people from South Africa to produce her work, and help communities in need.

4. Personalized hand made art work for stages and backdrops for shows, start at $300.00 and up.  Size will change the cost of the works dramatically.  Sinta takes weeks on working on art works and would like people to respect the time it takes to produce hand drawn and painted art.  Sinta usually asks for 50% up from to producing personalized art.  The is not just for stage purposes but perhaps people would like a decorative piece of work for their home.  She has produced over 400 paintings over the years, and most have gone to good homes. Sinta will be starting her art classes at Plaza Art Rockville branch in Maryland USA in Sept.

5. Events Planning and project management, Sinta charges $60.00 an hour to develop events, and could cost the venues more since Sinta has to drive around sorting out costs for equipment, from other locations such as Guitar Center, where she has formally worked for a number of years.  People who have to pay Guitar Center as well for their supplies and their hourly rate for a days event. Projects don’t just come out of no where, they have to be manifested by a person or a group of people. Sinta has put projects together in South Africa and a few small things in Maryland, in the United States.  Sinta has set up Nomadixx as an LLC  in the United States, and has already  put Nomadixx together in South Africa as  NPO business, NGO, with the South African Government, to help artists develop business in the past.


anime background and me



Sinta’s art class at Plaza art Rockville.23167595_10155007655848365_9056033766451418103_n






The art below is Sinta’s former work with car art.



For more information please contact Sinta Spector at,


  Here is a small message from a former student who has taken a class with Sinta…..

“Hey Sinta its Tori I saw this number on your card and I just wanted to tell you how I am doing. I am in high school now and I am taking a piano class. I am in group 2 and the highest group is 3. I have an A in the class thanks to you. Thank you so much. -Tori”

A new project for Nomadixx. LLC,  is in the works for August 19th 2014. More details to come shortly.




39468372_1062094000612291_5506679433940959232_n.jpgNicole’s artwork is above.