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Both Sinta’s sister Maya Spector  and mother Ruth Spector, are singers in the family, and so Sinta grew up with music her whole life.  Sinta had a very good education in music around the world.  Studied private music at the Duke Ellington School of the arts for a little bit, in Washington DC. Walt Whitman High school in Bethesda Maryland and was the pianist for the Jazz band at the American International School in Tokyo Japan.  Sinta had won an award for her collaboration between her art and music production classes, she had taken in Tokyo Japan.  This is what drove her in creating her own home recording studio space.  She loves the creation of technology into music. Sinta uses Logic Pro X, Garageband, and live music rehearsal to create music with others, and by herself.  Sinta usually sends the tracks to be mixed and masters by someone else.

During the time in South Africa Sinta was asked to place three tracks on Big Brother Africa.

Contract from Big brother Africa.

One can find Sinta and Lyla’s collaborative God saved my life on I-Tunes, Apple Music, Deezer online radio station, and Spotify. Please support us and buy the tracks on the sites they are located on.  Sinta Margot is signed with ASCAP, to protect her music rites in the music industry.  Nomadixx is also being used as the music publishing.

Lyla Illing.

New article about lyla Illing can be found here on  People Magazine South Africa

Photograph taken by Sinta Spector at the top.  On the bottom by Brandon Tea from CBS News

Lyla Illing

Sing With Lyla


This track was one of Sinta’s very first production recordings during her time living in Tokyo Japan in 1998.  She has kept all her records and placed them on Soundcloud she she has them in hand when needed for discussion.


This is a quick clip of what Sinta does.  There are worlds to this track but his was a test run for the Song Solar Eclipse of the Sea.

Sinta has developed a home recording studio where she has been developing and helping musicians who want CDs producers for their portfolios. Sinta also does the photography and graphic design for the CDS. Sinta send the CDS out to get printed. Here are pics of what her space looks like, and the most recent albums, Sinta has done.

Sinta’s music can be found, as samples on,

The Space and equipment Sinta uses for her work.
Sinta’s Music Equipment, Private Space studio set up.
unnamed 12.59.03 PM.jpg
Another pictures of Sinta’s Space for music.

The music class, is our living room area, while we have set up the recording studio space in the room for now.  Two Yamaha weighted keyboards are accessible.  One for recording purposes and the other, for class and is also portable for live shows.  The TV screen is also a computer, so one can use Youtube for practice.

Sinta rents out her space for producers, in which the producer charges $60 and hour and her cost for renting the space to the client is $40 over the $60 an hour, totaling the cost of $100 an hour, which is the average price for recording studio sessions . And $30 for 30 minutes for producer with a rental fee of $20, for the studio space and equipment, totaling $50 for 30 minutes.

music class vocals and piano .jpg
Sinta’s private music class space.
Former CD for Jamie Lyn
Former cover for Jamielyn’s CD
New Pictures of Jamielyn.
New pictures of Jamielyn

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