David April, Director and Dance choriographer, South Africa, 2018.

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Located at World famous South African artist, William Kentridge’s Space, ” The Center of Less Good ideas”. in Johannesburg South Africa, and  created by Director, and award winning Dance Choreographer, David April. The project, and dance was based off of a subject most commonly discussed in the art world and its lost history of the Khio-san people, the indigenous people of Southern Africa, tilted  ” Mnquma”.  Sinta, had also manifested her Masters thesis off of this very subject, and who also genetically comes from this pool of genes, and Southern African decent.  Nov 16th 2018.

David April, embracing dance in South Africa

Title: “Mnquma “ – in quest of intersecting narratives to connect with our roots – Bayasibiza.Original Concept: The work is based on discussions held between Xolisile Bongwana and David April who were keen to explore their cultural roots. The piece has subsequently evolved into Bongwana delving into his personal journey…Performer: Xolisile BongwanaChoreography: Xolisile Bongwana & David AprilArtistic Direction: David AprilDramaturge and Text: Katleho Sekhosana

Supporting text and narrative: Xolisile Bongwana

Music: Original compositions by No-Finish Dywili, Xolisile Bongwana and Elvis Sibeko

Sound Engineer: Zain Vally

Costumes: Lebo MerryK and Sinta Spector

Acknowledgement: The work was incubated at the The Centre for the Less Good Idea

Photography: Zivanai Matangi

These pictures have been taken by Zivanai Matangi.





Below, is a brief interview Sinta did with Fox5 Plus News during 2019, with laws of Immigration.


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